Common Myths and Misconceptions About Hair Wigs

Are you planning to buy a wig but clueless about how to go ahead? Do ongoing myths and misconceptions in motion discourage you to make wig a part of your wardrobe? So, here we are to articulate the true picture of the notion by addressing some wig-related notions in motion and also to see essentials to be considered before you go ahead to get one.

Common Myths regarding Wigs

What lies beyond basic considerations shall be considered while dealing with ongoing wig stories.

Do wigs lead to Hair Loss?

It has been observed that many notions in motion claim that wigs result in hair loss. Ask yourself does that make sense. I guess no because wigs are placed over wig caps which are similar to any other normal caps.

So, if normal caps do not do so then certainly wearing wigs won’t do any harm too. However, ensuring that the appropriate method for fixing wigs is used to avoid any unexpected damage to the scalp or hair life.

Are wigs Itchy and Uncomfortable?

Wigs, many a time are considered itchy and uncomfortable but to be precise it depends entirely on two things your skin and the material of the wig. Thus, the experience differs for everyone.

Alternatively the cap these days are made up of porous material(breathable)  which significantly reduces the chances of sweating and itching and but it is must ensure that wigs should be taken off at least 3-4 times a week to avoid uneasiness and clean the head( if they are not sewed or braided).

Can wigs be used by everyone?

Wigs are not just meant as a substitute for no hair. They are also the means for better styling. With the variation in size, color, and length wigs do wonders to enhance the fashion marks. Also, they are the prominent solution to protect the quality of natural hair in case of aggressive climate conditions.

Do wigs come off easily and look fake?

There exists a major myth that wigs fall off easily, luckily that’s not the case. As it completely depends on how securely wigs are accessorized. Most of the wigs already have clips to provide stability yet it is recommended to secure it further using adhesive tapes, glues, hairpins, and clips. Also, wigs don’t look at all fake if they are adjusted well in alignment with the hairline.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hair Wigs

With the availability of various hair extensions and a range of quality, texture, length, and color, wigs are certainly dominating the hair space. So, what needs to be considered before you make the right choice?

Synthetic v/s Natural Wigs

The wigs are largely made of human or synthetic hair. As to be considered synthetic wigs are generally cheaper whereas wigs made out of human hair blend naturally.

The virgin human hair can be easily dyed and heated to get any hairstyles, but the case is not the same with synthetic ones generally. Also, ensure buying a wig that does not let you look washed out as it depends on the skin tone.

Wigs Sizes

Depending on the size wigs vary a lot, yes each wig has a different size in circumference and strands length. Based on your requirement it would be easy to choose hair length, be it short, long, or medium but what needs to be essentially taken care of is the size.

When you buy offline it becomes convenient to check the size by trying it out but while online purchase makes sure to check the measurement on provided sites or else go with the adjustable elastic straps to ensure proper fitting. 

Wigs Maintenance

Though long wigs look cool, go for it only when you are highly patient to deal with the tangling hair strands. As they require consistent brushing out. On the contrary short wigs are easy to carry. But yes, undoubtedly the decision must be based on what serves your requirement better.

Schedule Check

The wigs are meant to be the time and effort saviors so make sure to buy the one that does both. This starts with checking out your lifestyle and schedule. Additionally, to be a bit calculative and considerate to figure out how much time and effort, the type of wig you buy expects.

Final Words

Wigs are evergreen solutions to adhere to your hair needs. As it is said Change is what defines fashion. So why not make this change a remarkable one with the suitable styling and dynamic looks in a fashion book. What shall not be forgotten is buying a wig cap, the wig that suits your skin be it net, silk, or any other material in that respect.

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