How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy?

Hair dyes certainly give the enchanting and desired looks to the hair but isn’t it the fact that keeping them protected from fading away is a great challenge too. Hence, maintaining the shine and vibrancy of the hair color for longer is important and comes with healthy hair habits. So, let’s talk about what hair habits can keep dyed hair healthy.

Tips To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy

Avoid the Sulfates

Sulfates are seen as an enemy to color-treated hair as they act aggressively on such hair and cause the color to fade faster. Therefore, experts at a renowned hair salon in Miami www.barberellamiami.com not just help you get beautiful hair color but also ensure the sulfates are not used in any of the cleansing products. This makes it evident that while cleaning the strands at home it is good to avoid sulfate-based products.

Prefer Air Dry not Heat Dry

To keep the hair color intact for longer, the safest way is to prefer air dry to heat dry. As heating creates the risk of opening up cuticles which further allow color molecules to fade. However, we understand there are several instances where avoiding a blow dryer becomes impossible, in such cases make sure to prepare your strands with hair prime. It adds an additional layer o heat protection to the hair and minimizes the damaging effect of heat on the colored hair.

Consider Deep Conditioning

The importance of deep conditioning can never be underestimated for healthy hair be it dyed or not. It becomes important to condition the hair once a week, Using the hair mask helps to keep the colored strands moisturized and shiny.

For colored hair the hair is stylish and experts at Barberella prefer hair mask with hydrating ingredients which makes them supple and softer. So, in case expert deep conditioning is in your mind, get ahead with booking your schedule at Barberella Miami.

Say NO to Hard and Hot Water

While showering and washing the hair strands, it is often advised to avoid hot water as it opens up the cuticles and rinses away healthy ingredients from the hair. For the ones with dyed hair hot and hard water is a big NO as it tends to have larger molecules and these can easily be faded away with the use of such water.

Alternatively, instead of rinsing hair every day one can prefer dry shampoo, a shower cap, or a filter for the showerhead, This careful hair care helps to keep the strands clean and color long-lasting.

Make Hat/Cap your Savior

Going outdoors is inescapable and so is the scorching sun and pollution. So, does this mean our hair deserves to surrender itself to the unfavorable weather? Certainly not. Therefore, while exposed to the bright sunny day make sure to keep your hats or caps on. This helps to cover the hair and prevent harmful direct exposure to the sun which can lead to fading away of hair color.

Final Words

There are various tips and tasks to maintain the health of the colored hair and some of them have been talked about here. However, there lies a lot more to it which can only be adhered to well by getting in direct conversation with the hairstylist. Ones who color your hair also know how to take care. So why not seek expert hair consultation by scheduling a booking at www.barberellamiami.com

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