How To Style Short Hair Easily

How To Style Short Hair? Imagine going from having short hair down your neck to hair down your back in just a day. Sounds quite exaggerated. Isn’t it? However, this is certainly possible, no big secret just a practical solution – Hair Extension. For people who are curious to style their short hair differently without much effort, extension is the readily available solution to shift towards desired hair transformation.

Understand your Preferences

Not all hair extensions are meant to serve every hair purpose. For all the specific transformations different types of extensions are required. Some people only prefer giving volume to the hair while others focus on the length. Thus, clearly define what your hairstyling goals are?

Pick your Extension type

Generally, Clip and Sew- in hair extensions and wigs are considered the best way to transform short hair. Though Clip-ins are tricky at first once fixed they are worth the investment. Moreover, with little practice, you can fix them on your own whereas Sew-in hair extensions require more professional touch to blend them well with natural hair. However, the latter is comparatively more long-lasting. Therefore, it is absolutely a personal preference and one should be smart enough while prioritizing their preferences.

Blending and applying for the extensions

The primary step is to layer the short hair with clip-ins, make sure to pick the extensions with small clips because the long clip-ins show a clear line of demarcation.  Begin by napping the hair take the shortest piece of hair and clip it in the desired section.

Try keeping the clip closer to the roots. For the fine and straight hair extension, a teasing brush can be used to add texture and keep the clips secured to the roots. Remember to repeat the same process for all sections add clips on each side head so there remains enough hair at the crown to cover the clip-ins.

Styling the hair with extensions

Once the extensions are blended well in the hair, now you can choose to either curl or keep them flat by twisting them with them the natural hair. If you are not going with Clip-ins but Sew-ins then consulting the professional stylist is what brings magic here.

By choosing the sew-in with a frontal or closure, you are investing to protect your precious strands. With the sew-ins, the stylist braids hair into a flat and consistent pattern.

Are Wigs suitable for styling short hair?

 Many people choose wigs overextensions because of their versatile and less time–consuming nature. To prepare the natural hair with wigs ensure keeping the lace at the front of the head and spray generously throughout the hairline. Thus, once the wig is fixed any style can be done on short hair, braided to open to ponytail everything is possible.

Is Curly short hair a big problem?

It has been observed that applying for extensions on curly short hair is quite difficult because the texture and length of such hair make it hard for an extension to fix longer.

In such cases, either purchasing curly hair extensions or clip-ins is the right choice or finding the wigs or extensions with texture matching the natural hair. However, the best stylists like Barberella have profound solutions to manage and style curly short hair too.

Final Words

Though, indeed, living with short hair is certainly a blessing in disguise craving to experiment with numerous styles was the biggest problem here. But no longer, evidently, there are several ways to style the short hair as and when required with little effort. All these extensions and wigs are the shortcut to perfectly address the hairstyling cravings.

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