How To Take Care Of Your Curly Hair

Undoubtedly, Curly hair looks mesmerizing but managing them is indeed a big mess as there exists a thin line between good-looking and untamed curly hair. This thin line is nothing other than a regular hair care routine where the right products, care, and hairstyle can do wonders. So, let’s find out what and whys related to curly hair treatment.

Tips To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Choose your hair shampoo wisely

For people with curly hair, mild shampoo with the least toxic chemicals works best. Chemicals such as silicones, alcohols, sulfates, parabens, etc can cause scalp irritation. Hence, besides choosing these chemical-free products, ensure diluting the shampoo before using it on the hair as excessive use of shampoo can suck the natural moisture and make them dry.

Conditioning and Hair Mask

Honestly, pre-shampoo treatment is a true blessing for curly hair as it helps to detangle and remove frizz from hair. Applying a hair mask to the dry hair before using shampoo ensures proper penetration of conditioner into the hair. For the process shower cap or towel can be used while leaving the conditioner for 20 minutes on hair.

Avoid Hair Brush

Before washing the hair,  the use of a wide-toothed comb rather than a hairbrush to detangle hair is the most sorted way.  On the other hand, after washing the hair even running the fingers through them can work fine. Remember not to use a hairbrush on wet hair in any case.

Use Cold water for Hair

Coldwater safely rinses the hair whether you are washing or conditioning them. On the contrary hot water strips off the essential natural oil from the scalp. Moreover, hot water can also be responsible for opening up the cuticles which further leads to breakage and frizz.

Hair Sleep Routine for Curly Hair

Managing the curly hair while sleeping is quite difficult, therefore, it is better to pile them all on the top of the head into a bun or loose ponytail. This way there exists less friction between the pillowcase and hair. Furthermore, instead of cotton cases, silk or satin ones can do the job well to reduce friction.

Oils for Curly hair

Oiling is the ultimate solution to promote healthy hair growth by improving the blood circulation on the scalp. The natural oils help to lock the moisture in the hair make curly hair quite manageable.

Using light and non–greasy coconut oil and olive oil for getting rid of dry locks is the most common practice. Besides this Castor oil, Sweet Almond oil, avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, etc. can certainly go a long way with curly hair.

Final Words

Curly Hair requires more Don’ts than Do’s, therefore managing them becomes quite tricky at times. However, with the entire tips and tricks mentioned above, one can certainly start making their way towards managing curly hair. 

So, embrace your lovely strands and let them add more chic and delight to your complete fashion aura. Guess what, Barberella; the best hair salon is here at your services when your curly hair needs to rejoice.

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