How Much To Tip Hairdressers And Hairstylists In Miami

Do you have any idea how much to tip your hairstylist? Three etiquette experts, two salon professionals, and a qualified financial advisor were consulted for this article. Depending on the service and your pleasure, most of these experts recommend leaving 15% to 20%. Because the math is simple, going with 20% is a good option for both the stylist and you.

Many hairstylists in Miami rely heavily on gratuities to supplement their income. According to Steve Waldman, technical, artistic director, and product consultant for Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, “that number affects the way people think about their income and how they’re going to allocate it for their costs.”

Tips can show your gratitude for your hairstylist, whose job has most likely altered and gotten more dangerous due to the pandemic. “There’s so much more that needs to be done for employees to protect themselves and [customers],” Crystal L. Bailey, director of The Etiquette Institute of Washington in Washington, D.C., says. “At the very least, we should make sure we’re tipping them properly, given the tremendous work they’re putting in.”

Tip Hairdressers And Hairstylists In Miami

How much to tip for a haircut in Miami?

It’s entirely up to you how you use it. While suggestions are always welcome, they aren’t required. Hardges believes that if you’re happy with all aspects of your service—whether you got a major haircut, a basic trim, or a blowout—the standard rule of thumb for tipping your hairdresser is at least 20%.

That means that if your haircut costs $60, your tip should be at least $12. If your hair color service costs $100, what should you do? It is customary to leave a $20 tip. Salon assistants (rather than your actual hairdresser) frequently shampoo and condition your hair and apply your gloss or shine, so inquire about how tips are split to ensure the assistants get a cut. If they aren’t, Hardges recommends tipping them $5 to $10, depending on the level of service.

How much to tip for hair color in Miami?

However, it’s always a good idea to keep track of how long you spend in the salon when it comes to hair color. According to Hardges, salons will charge proportionately if the service is longer, thus the 20% rule should suffice. However, if a hair stylist spends more than three hours adding highlights, bleaching your strands, or dying your hair, I believe you should tip closer to 22 or 25%—especially if you like the end product. And, while 20% is a fair rule of thumb, if you’re a client who can be a little—for want of a better word—needy, you might consider tipping a little extra.

Hardges recommends tipping slightly more for the inconveniences (hey, it’s still a business!) when your stylist accommodates you if you know you can be very specific, or if you’re always late, or if you ask to be squeezed in last minute, or if you reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of the original time.

How much to tip when they fix your hair in Miami?

The concept of tipping based on inconvenience is a win-win situation. Hardges thinks tipping isn’t necessary if you have to go out of your way and return to the salon to rectify something that should have been done at the initial session. “When I’m repairing a mistake I’ve made, I don’t expect a tip and, in most situations, I’ll turn it down,” Hardges adds.

How much do you tip for a free bang trim in Miami?

The age-old question of how much to tip your hairstylist for free (or quick!) services like a bang trim. There is no set rule when it comes to tipping, but keep in mind that even if your treatment took your stylist 10 minutes, it’s still 10 minutes out of their schedule, so giving $5 to $10 is always a lovely gesture.

Do I need to pay in cash?

You are not required to do so, but because not all salons accept credit or debit cards for gratuity, it is always good to visit an ATM before your appointment (0r call ahead and ask). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my wallet and had to return to the salon to pay my stylist—not it’s enjoyable, y’all.

If you’re leaving a cash tip, either hand it to your hairdresser or write their name on one of the front desk’s little envelopes and drop it in there. Tipping your stylist via Venmo or PayPal is also possible (particularly around COVID times).

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