Top Trending Hairstyles of 2022


Just like hair-color trends, there are hairstyle trends that have blown the fashion industry in recent times, especially for international celebrities. The trending Hollywood hairstyles completely reinvent and revamp the look giving freshness to the overall styling. With the changing season, the styling changes and so does the preferences giving rise to the emerging hair trends.

List of Top Trending Hairstyles in Miami of 2022

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

No doubt short hairstyles become hugely popular during summers. However, for the past few months irrespective of the season, the Short hairstyle has become the favorite choice of Celebrities and others across the globe.  But what has taken the popular turn in the short hair segment is Bob Hairstyle.

This hairstyle is not just flattering but also easy to maintain and boosts confidence. As a result, this hair trend gives gentler and smarter cutting. So are you also thinking to wear a classic and softer blunt bob hairstyle to go interesting with the look?

Beach Waves

Waves are the newest trend and act loud in the styling game. If you are tired of your straight locks and need a special change, the Beach Wave Hairstyle shall be your preference for the upcoming event. The hairstyle goes perfectly with the casual, office, traditional, holiday, airport, beach, and every other look that you can think of. This comfy and easy-to-go hairstyle looks elegant in both short and long hair. So, to get the beach waves you don’t have to compromise with the overall hair length and volume.

Shag Hairstyle

Bang and shag are what has become the most adored choice of the people with medium hair length in the year 2022. This layered 70s hairstyle with immense rock & roll and messy bangs is known to provide a fresh and modern touch to the overall look. Many would say this hairstyle may be old-fashioned but its modern shag and texture give the face-flattering look and is the perfect blend of the classic and modern style.

Afro Hairstyle

For the ones who love curls – Afro Hairstyle is the ultimate choice. It adds volume to the look even with a little professional touch. Afro hairstyles require less maintenance even though they might seem quite messy. However, this curly mess is what celebrities adore and include in their everyday styling. Remember to get the styling done with the help of professional hairstylists like Barberella Miami otherwise getting the Afro Haircut may become a mess too.

Layered Curly Bangs

This hairstyle is synonymous with the cute and innocent Barbie look which is adored by the majority. Though curly bangs are favorite during the warm season yet their preference can be seen growing in all seasons. The layered curly bangs add volume to the hair and help to create a fresh hair look that won’t fade that soon. It is the modern hairstyle that gives both a classy and chic look to the ones wearing it.

Final Words

There isn’t any specific hairstyle to mark the fashion statement of 2022. However, there are the most famous hair trends that we have brought to you but our specialization as the emerging Hair Salon in Miami is way more extended. So if you are looking for a hairstyle change then book your appointment at  and get the new look created.

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