Different Types of Wigs to Choose From

The idea and types of wigs or false hair dates back to the ancient Egyptian period where people generally shaved their heads to protect themselves from lice and brutal sun. As a result, chose wigs to maintain their look and social status. Also, the ancient Romans wore wigs and hairpieces to increase hair volume.

Thus, there were several ancient civilizations like Assyrians, Phoenicians, and the Greeks who made wig part of their lifestyle. Being derived from the French word “perruque” this refers to a complete head of false hair. Guess what, during the reign of Louis XIII wigs became the attractive fashion mark and the target of snatchers too. 

Evidently, wigs are the need for some, fashion mark for others, and luxury for few. Consequently, there are several types of hair wigs to serve the distinct purpose of mankind at the finest salon in Miami, Barberella.

Different Types of Wigs For Human Hair

Wearing Wig is the wise game for enhancing the overall look of the people and generally comes in three different lengths – long, medium, and short. Besides length, there exist various other types of wigs based on the purpose they serve. They are used as false hair also known as hair fiber or a cap (wig cap construction).

Human Hair wigs

These wigs look authentic as they are made from natural hair which makes them quite expensive too. The prices for these natural-looking wigs depend on the quality of the hair they are made up of. Since there are different types of human hair, therefore it is wise to be well aware of the fact that what wig works best for you? Here, our team at Barberella Hair Salon can be your partner as our years of experience makes us wiser in identifying your suitability.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

As the name suggests, these wigs are made out of synthetic material and are a little less expensive. Unlike natural hair wigs, these do not last long and are best for people who prefer styling their hair a lot. These wigs are made out of synthetic material and are a little less expensive.

Unlike natural hair wigs, these do not last long and are best for people who prefer styling their hair a lot. So, if short-term styling is in your mind, synthetic hair wigs shall be your topmost choice as they won’t let your pockets feel heavy.  Despite being made of synthetic material these wigs can also turn out to be attractive and real.

Capless Wigs

These wigs are also known as wefted or open–cap wigs. These are machine-made wigs where wefts are sewn into required strips. These strips are made up of thin elastic material giving the cap look itself.

Since there exists no solid surface, therefore they are termed as “Capless” and allow the proper airflow making the scalp safe from overheating. As a result, Capless wigs offer full coverage to your hair.

Lace Front Wigs

The name says it all over here, these wigs have lace only at the front end of the wigs and the rest of the cap is a little thicker. Generally, there are clips sewn into wigs so that the unit stays in place for a longer time. Recently, these are the most commonly preferred wings because of the material they are made up of.

Being made up of fragile material these wigs are unlikely to rip or tear away. The interesting part is, here you can select your own hairline and let the lace front wigs act smart for you.

Full Lace Wigs

These are the full-sized lace cap with urethane strips for sticking the adhesive too and also come in a variety. With full lace wigs, you get the liberty to choose the desired hair type – be it parted or brushed. Since these wigs last way longer and are extremely versatile, therefore they are a bit more expensive than the other standard wigs. 

Also, let’s not forget full lace wigs can be worn regularly because it gives you a completely natural and realistic look which makes it worth the investment.

Non-Slip Wig

These are the suction wigs which are made out of monofilament and transparent polyurethane allowing the gentle grip to the scalp (no elastic adjusters required).  Thus, non – slip wig is best suited for people with no or extremely little hair. Additionally, some of these wigs are also available with lace front and come in various sizes too.

For once let’s consider you are not bald, can these wigs still be used? Indeed yes anyone can feel comfortable wearing these wigs as they are generally lightweight and naturally attaches to the scalp which further does not feel scratchy and irritating.

Hair Toppers

Hair Toppers which are also known as wiglets are the game-changer in recent times. They are made to cover the specific part of the head and come in two different formats

  • Honeycomb is the pull-through partial wig available in various shades and lengths.  Ideally, these work well for people whose hair is thinning, contains large holes, and also lack volume. These hair toppers are held in place using small clips or combs.
  • ½ or ¾ wigs are the ones that are quite similar to the honeycomb and the biggest advantage is you can pull your own strands with these wigs. The blending of natural hair with these wigs gives a completely authentic look.

Hair Extensions

These are also known as hairpieces and do not cover the entire head but are meant only meant to enhance the look, People prefer hair extensions to give better shape, length, volume, and even structure to your hairstyle. As a result, hair extensions are becoming the favorite choice of celebrities, models, or fashion enthusiasts in this drastically changing fashion era.

Final Words

To command the every- day fashion there is a lot your hair can do and guess what your hair actually works magic with the hair treatment at Barberella.  We allow your hair to vibe better with your fashion sense and give it a desired shade, size, and life. Thus, wigs are the way to discover the beautiful lifestyle journey without regrets.

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